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These white papers were written by Carl Dickson of In them, Carl lays the ground work for a new approach that takes proposal quality reviews to the next level. Please feel free to pass a copy of these white papers on to your friends and colleagues. Discuss them. Come up with your own solutions. We have ours, but we'd like to hear about yours. Carl can be reached at

Solutions for the "Unsolvable" Problems of Proposal Development
This is a series of articles on problems that come up over and over again in proposal development. Traditional approaches won’t solve these problems. If they haven’t solved them in the last 20 years, why would you expect them to starting working in the next 20 years? To solve these problems, you have to rethink and reengineer. That's what we did when we created the MustWin Process Workbook. We've got solutions to the “unsolvable” problems of proposal development, and we're giving away most of our secrets. If you want our templates, forms, and process documentation, you need to get a copy of our process documentation. But we're giving away the foundations and theory that we used to create the process for free. We want the ideas to spread and to help people develop their own solutions.

Problem #1: You are never prepared at RFP release

Problem #2: Your team argues over proposal quality

Problem #3: No one follows the process

Problem #4: Reviews aren’t helpful

Problem #5: There is always a train wreck at the end of a proposal

Problem #6: Training is only for the chosen few

Problem #7: You can’t convince people to bid less and win more

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The story behind the white papers...
You are looking at the results of a three year journey that started at a speaking engagement on the topic of how to fix your red teams. During the presentation I found myself asking questions like "Why aren't red teams any more effectice today then they were 20 years ago?" A few months later I gave a presentation on why red teams (and really the whole color team model) are obsolete. I expected to get push-back and instead had people thanking me for helping them realize that they are not the problem. Then I started publishing the white papers. So far, they have been downloaded by more than 15,000 people. This year, when I spoke at APMP's National Conference, people were telling me things like "your presentation said what I've been saying for years." I just smiled. When I started, it sure felt like I was all alone...   — Carl Dickson

Red Teams are Obsolete! Why, after decades of trying, is no one able to have consistently effective Red Teams? Find out why the color team model is broken and can't be fixed.

White Paper: Why It's Time To Evolve Beyond The Red Team

Our next white paper offers hope and suggests that if we look at what we really need and are prepared to change, we can fix the long standing problems Proposal Managers have been facing. Please join us in changing everything the industry thinks it knows about the proposal process.

White Paper: It's Time To Reengineer The Proposal Process

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