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Need tech support? Have a question that you can't find an answer to? You've come to the right place. Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions, as well as our policies and other helpful information. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact or use the button below to send it.

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Can I make copies of the materials I download from your site? (10688 Views)
Here are the portions of the Terms of Use for our site that describes our copyright policies.

Can you help me write my proposal? (10160 Views)
We focus on teaching people about business development and proposal writing — we don't write their proposals for them. But we know some people who do! Click on this article to find out how to get in touch with them. (Popularity: 2)

Do you have a sample of a [fill in the blanks] proposal? (12733 Views)
Samples can be tricky. We have some words of caution for you before we tell you about the sample we offer. (Popularity: 1)

How do I download a file I purchased? (11398 Views)
After your purchase, you may download the files you ordered immediately from the User Settings and Downloads Page. At any time after your purchase, you can return to our customer page and download the files. If you lose the file, you can download a new copy. (Popularity: 1)

How long does shipping take and how much does it cost? (10429 Views)
According to the Post Office, it's 10-14 days. But in our experience it's usually faster and occasionally (but rarely) longer. If you're in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, it can be the next day. Click on the article title to find out more details. (Popularity: 1)

What can I get without paying anything? (10555 Views)
Please help yourself to the huge amount of articles and information publicly available on our site. Our newsletter is also free of charge. (Popularity: 1)

What if I can't open a file I downloaded? (10303 Views)
What to do if you download a file, but it won't open.

What is your privacy policy? (9908 Views)
Description of the information we collect and what we do with it to ensure your privacy. (Popularity: 1)

What is your return policy? (10555 Views)
We try to minimize the need for returns, but we want all of our customers to be completely satisfied. Click on this article to read our return policy. (Popularity: 1)

Where are you located? (10791 Views)
Click for our mailing address. (Popularity: 2)

Who is in charge of this site? (10527 Views)
Meet Carl Dickson, the Publisher of

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