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How do I download a file I purchased?

After your purchase, you may download the files you ordered immediately from the Settings and Downloads Page.  At any time after your purchase, you can return to that page and download the files. If you lose the file, you can download a new copy.

To download files:

  1. When you get to the User Settings and Download Page, look for  "Premium Content File Downloads"  and click on the link.
  2. If you ordered a specific document, scroll down and click the link and next to the document title(s) you ordered.  

If you purchased a Membership, click any of the links.  All of the files will have Download links.

When you click on the Download link your browser will present you with the option to "Open" the file or "Save" it.  If you select "Open"  and you have the free Adobe Acrobat PDF reader installed, the file will, after a moment (depending on your connection speed) the file will display.  You can then save the file to your own computer or print it through the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.


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