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Do you have a sample of a [fill in the blanks] proposal?

Here are a few of the hundreds of requests we have received:

  • Please send sample letters of proposals on property management, investment, and sales of real estate property. Note that those are three completely different types of proposals, with no mention of whether they are government, commercial or residential...
  • Samples of proposals for offering my services to world airlines flight attendants and pilots pertaining to passenger safety and comfort. Assuming one could find a proposal related to support services for airlines, would it be for flight attendants and pilots (let alone pertain to passenger safety and comfort)
  • We need bid samples for a data, telecom, ip and maintenance business. Is that an ISP or a telco? Is that onsite repair or something else? I need a proposal for a cleaning service: Post Construction Residential/Commerial move out Office maintance. What good would this type of proposal do for the owner of a residential cleaning business?
  • Kindly send me examples so my proposal will always have 100% assurance of winning a contract. I'm into computers of all brand, repair, maintenance and installation. Are all computer proposals the same? Would a PC installation proposal do any good for a network design firm?
  • Can I have a sample of a proposal on a factory to be opened? Would the proposal for any type of factory, in any location, for any client be the same?

Sample proposals are treated like trade secrets. There are hardly any sample proposals available on the web. Not even old, out-of-date ones that the authors no longer care about.

We have a sample proposal that we sell.  You can find out about it here.  We not only give you a sample, but we include the original proposal, RFP, our review comments, and what it looks like after we made it over.  It happens to be for an information technology bid, but the review comments and approach we took to the make over could apply to any type of proposal.

By Carl Dickson, Editor/Publisher,

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