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How to Write a Management Plan
How to Write a Management Plan

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How do you convince someone that you will be able to effectively manage their project?

Writing a proposal involves more than telling the customer what you are going to do and how much it will cost. Your customer wants to know how you are going to make sure the work is done properly and how you are going to staff the project. How to Write a Management Plan will help you answer questions regarding how the work will be done, who will do the work, what resources will be required, how you will mitigate risks, and how you will ensure quality.

This document focuses on 19 topics that are often addressed in the Management Plan. For each topic, you will find a description of the topic, a list of ingredients to include in your response, approaches to take in preparing the section, and samples if applicable.

This tutorial provides you with a recipe for writing a management plan that will help you to:

  • Find inspiration and figure out what to include in your Management Plan
  • Make sure that you covered everything and demonstrate that you have thought things through
  • Deliver a comprehensive management plan that meets your customers expectations
  • Earn your customer's confidence

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Will it make writing my proposal easier? Absolutely. Once you know which questions to ask, you have a better shot at finding the answers. Our tutorials will help you deliver a proposal that meets your customers expectations.

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