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Lead Qualification and Capture Workbook
Lead Qualification and Capture Workbook

A tool for gathering and collecting information to support business pursuit and capture

The Lead Qualification Workbook provides 28 topics for assessing a potential business opportunity. It will help you collect the information you need to qualify a business opportunity, while simultaneously providing you with a place to take notes as you collect that information. It will help you address:

  • Customer Intelligence (11 topics)
  • Competitive Intelligence (7 topics)
  • Bid Strategies (10 topics)
Each page identifies information to collect and provides the rest of the page to record it, along with any relevant notes or comments. After completing the workbook, you should have a comprehensive set of notes and comments that will greatly aid your ability to pursue and capture the opportunity.

Our workbooks are interactive documents — each page describes information that you should collect and provides you with a place to record it, along with any relevant notes or comments. They average 30 pages in length.

Will the workbook guide me through the process step by step? The workbooks will help you determine what information to collect. But you don't necessary have to collect it in order.

What is the difference between a workbook and a tutorial? Our workbooks are tools to help you collect information. The explanations contained in our workbooks are brief and to the point. They are intended to be used by people in the field. Our tutorials are more like a traditional manual or book, with narrative explainations intended to teach the reader what they need to know. Our workbooks help you do a job, while our tutorials help you learn about a subject.

Why are the pages mostly blank? Each page contains several sentences describing the information to be collected. The rest of the page is for data collection, notes, and comments.

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