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Business Proposal Sample Makeover - Before and After
Business Proposal Sample Makeover - Before and After

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Would you like to see a real proposal?
Would you like something you can compare your proposal to?
How do you know if a sample is any good before you follow it?
Would you like to see some expert review comments?
Better yet, would you like to see what it looks like after the review comments are incorporated?
Finally, you can see a good proposal made over into a great proposal!

The sample is a 15 page proposal.  The original proposal was good.  It won, after all.  But it could have been better and the goal is to win consistently.   Find out what it takes to turn an ordinary proposal into a great proposal!

We have included the original RFP so that you can compare what was written to what they asked for.  When there is a written RFP, your entire proposal should be customized to it. The way that the RFP will be evaluated should drive how you organize the content, what you say, and how you say it.  Without the RFP, it may be difficult to understand why a proposal was constructed the way it was.

The sample proposal was written to supply an enterprise network back-up system to the company that issued the Request for Proposals (RFP).  But as you'll see, the product or service offered really doesn't matter to you.  The things we see in this proposal, both good and bad, are the same things we see all the time in proposals spanning every field and industry. 

In our review we make 73 comments, all of which could potentially apply to your proposal.  We approached the review, just like we would if someone handed us a proposal and asked us to review it without any orientation or knowledge of the company or customer.

After doing the review, we decided that the proposal really needed a makeover. So we took the original, and re-wrote it the way we would if we were doing a proposal for someone and they gave us the original as our input.  We also addressed the comments from our review. 

The result is a lot more than just a "sample proposal."  It is something you can really learn from and make use of.  But please keep in mind, that the best way to win a proposal is to fully customize it around what you think it will take to win.  Any sample proposal, including this one, may not be applicable to your circumstances.  The best way to make use of this sample is not to simply copy the proposal makeover, but rather to examine the before and after copies to see if you are making the same mistakes, to see examples of how they were corrected, and to assess what would work best for your customer and circumstances.

See how we change the format
See how we re-write the introduction
See how we correct all 73 issues
See how we change the outline and why
See how we add themes and win strategies
See what was wrong with the original proposal

You get:

  • The original 15 page proposal.
  • The RFP it was written against.
  • A copy of the proposal with our 73 review comments.
  • The improved version of the proposal after our makeover.

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  • Please purchase 1 copy for each person who will need a copy, just like you would a book.
  • Each tutorial must be downloaded and is in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (300-400kb).
  • Hardcopy purchases are optional.
  • If you decide to upgrade your purchase to a membership within 30 days of purchasing a tutorial, you will receive FULL CREDIT.


See how to avoid making the same mistakes in your proposals!


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