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Incubation Program

The Incubation Program is where we take companies under our wing and show them how to become a business development powerhouse. We have openings for two new companies to join the program. One will be a government contractor, and the other will be a private sector (Business-to-Business, or B2B) company or a web-based company. Openings only come up once or twice each year.

In the program we'll host a teleconference with your core team of business developers once a week to guide you through each step in putting in place the right processes, procedures, reports, and methods for your company to successfully capture business. Instead of doing it for you, we'll help you develop an enduring capability within your company. The list of topics is shown on the right. By spending time addressing each topic and doing some homework in between sessions, in just 16 weeks you'll transform your company so that you can enter 2011 knowing exactly what to do to prosper.

The program fee is $5000. In addition to 16 sessions led by Carl Dickson, founder of, it includes a Corporate Membership to (on its own worth a few thousand dollars). Add up the number of hours of coaching and training you'll receive, multiply it by the number of people participating, and compare the value. Better yet, look at what the impact will be to the future of your company and compare the value. Either way, don't hesitate because once the slot is filled you'll have to wait for the next opening which will take months.

To find out more about the program, simply type "Incubator program" into the message box below along with any questions you have and we'll get in touch to discuss it with you.

Weekly Topic List:
  1. Strategically developing your capabilities and offerings
  2. Identifying who buys what you sell
  3. Selecting strategic targets and allocating resources
  4. Strategically targeting relevant contract vehicles and channels
  5. Strategic teaming
  6. Positioning for the future
  7. Calculating your targets for size, growth, and number of leads
  8. Resource requirements to hit your targets
  9. Visualizing the pipeline: tracking tools and data formats
  10. Reporting formats
  11. Lead tracking process
  12. Prospecting targets and sources for leads
  13. Introduction to Readiness Reviews
  14. Customizing Readiness Reviews
  15. Implementing the pursuit process
  16. Action items

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