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Corporate Membership Profile - Scalability

One of the companies that jumped right on our corporate membership program as soon as we released it had a concern about scalability. They are a small business at an awkward stage. They’ve grown to just under a hundred people. This means they are still pursuing a lot of tiny projects (5 figures), while they try to move into more large (5-6 figures) or even really large projects (7-8 figures).

They have a proposal person as opposed to a department. They don’t have enough spare time or resources to create a fully documented business development and proposal process, and then train everyone. Taking on larger projects has made them realize they need to formalize how they go about their pursuits, but they’re still doing a lot of small quick bids that would be cumbersome if they had to conform to process designed for much larger bids. They needed a process that could scale.

We showed them how to define roles and responsibilities functionally, so that one person could were multiple hats (or even all of the hats) on a small bid, but they could bring in more resources for the larger bids. We showed them how to make their proposal planning template driven, so that you can still have documented plans on small bids. And we showed them how small and large bids can share the same definition of proposal quality, use the same review process, use the same review criteria, but scale the number of people and effort involved as needed.

By becoming a corporate member, they get to implement a single process that comes with the training needed to get everyone up to speed on it. They are not only getting everyone on the same page, but they are embedding how proposals of all types should be done into their corporate culture. They can add dedicated resources as they go after more of the larger bids. And as the company grows, their process will grow with them. But implementing it now at their current size it much easier than trying to implement it after they’ve grown. More importantly, implementing it now is what can deliver that growth.

If you have more employees or questions, please call our Enterprise Solutions line at 800-848-1563.

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