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Corporate Membership
Corporate Membership A Corporate Membership turns our site into an enterprise-class business development training and process solution. It enables you to customize and standardize on our materials and use them without having to worry about whether or not your co-workers are members.

Corporate Memberships come with all of the content and benefits of our Premium Memberships, but they enable you to exceed the limits of our single-user memberships and distribute our content to others at your company/organization. They are based on the total number of people at your company, with pricing that can reach as low as $2.50 per person.

They also come with a certain number of simultaneous registrations for our online training and webinars, so that you can have multiple sites participating and sharing materials.

Number of Employees (Up to) Cost
500 $2,500
5000 $5,000
10,000 $7,500

A Corporate Membership is the most cost effective way to provide training, enhance the skills, and increase the effectiveness of everyone involved in business development at your company.

If you have more employees or questions, please call our Enterprise Solutions line at 800-848-1563.

To purchase a Corporate Membership, all you need to do is complete this form, sign the terms of use, and fax it back to us. Once we sign it and receive your payment, you will be able to immediately put our content to work and begin boosting your win rate.

Read about a Corporate Member who needed a process that could scale from small bids to large bids.


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