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Use Innovation to Beat Your Competitors

Our process was inspired by the need for solutions to proposal problems that seem to occur over and over again. Does this sound familiar?

  • Somehow we always end up unprepared when the RFP is released
  • We have never been able to use storyboards effectively
  • Our proposal reviews are not consistently effective.
  • Reviewers, authors, and even proposal managers can't define proposal quality
  • People won't follow the process. We know what we need to do, but it never seems to work out

If this sounds familiar, don't feel bad. Everyone faces these challenges but traditional approaches don't solve them. While everyone else is beating their heads against a wall, you have an opportunity to change the rules. We have solved these problems by reengineering the process.

  • Instead of simply talking about the importance of starting before the RFP is released, we tell you how to make best use of the time. We even show you how to measure progress to ensure readiness.
  • Instead of forcing storyboards into situations where better planning tools are available, we help you select the right approach and then turn it into effective instructions for authors and a baseline for reviewers.
  • Instead of defining reviews by colors or milestones, we provide an approach to proposal reviews that validates proposal quality according to what it will take to win. It provides clear guidance to both authors and reviewers to deliver consistently effective results.
  • Our process provides ways to make expectations clear and measure progress (other than counting the number of outline items checked off or days until the proposal is due).
  • When used on multiple proposals, it provides a foundation for tracking metrics, both pre-RFP and post-RFP, so that you can quantify what impacts your win rates the most.

The best thing about our process is not how much easier it will make your proposal to produce, or how much it will increase your chances of winning... The best thing is the competitive advantage it gives you over anyone else who doesn't have it.

For small businesses, you can implement a formal proposal process and compete against the big boys for a tenth of what it cost them to put their ineffective process in place. For large businesses, you can reengineer around our process and get better results, faster, and less expensively than what it would cost to develop a process in house.



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By Carl Dickson, Founder of

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