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Magic Bullet Solutions
Our MustWin Process addresses many of the recurring problems that companies face.  Here are a dozen individual solutions for companies that don’t need a whole new process.  A Magic Bullet is like a training session, only it’s focused on solving a problem. 

Have you noticed that certain problems never seem to go away?  If you have any of these issues, don’t feel bad, so does everyone else:

  • Reviews are not consistently effective
  • Your team isn’t ready at RFP release (even if you’re the incumbent!)
  • The transition from business development to proposal is not smooth
  • Your team can’t articulate what it will take to win
  • You don’t have written criteria to define proposal quality
  • You can’t measure your progress

During a magic bullet session, we present our approach and how it solves the problem. We go into enough detail so that you can implement the solution yourself.

A Magic Bullet session has three parts: a half-hour orientation to help us understand the specifics of your situation, a 1.5-hour presentation of our solution, and 1 hour for Q&A/follow-up to help you apply the solution in your environment.

Pricing: $750 per session

Most of the Magic  Bullet topics are also addressed in our Enterprise Training Program.

Magic Bullet List

Problem: Reviews Are Not Consistently Effective
Solution: The traditional approach to proposal reviews is badly flawed.  Our review methodology provides explicit criteria for validating the quality of your proposals and achieves better results.

Problem: Everyone is not on the Same Page
Solution: Our approach brings the instructions given to the authors and the criteria used by reviewers into synch and then uses the same standards to assess progress and quality.

Problem: The Transition From Business Development To Proposal Is Not Smooth
Solution: Our approach ensures that the information collected before RFP release provides what is needed in the right format to prepare the winning proposal.

Problem: Your Team Is Not Ready For RFP Release
Solution: Our approach provides a means to measure progress towards being ready for RFP release and reviews to make sure that it happens.

Problem: Your Team Can’t Articulate What It Will Take To Win
Solution: Our approach not only facilitates articulating what it will take to win, but uses it to set criteria for measuring progress and quality at every step.

Problem: You Have Too Many Train Wrecks At The End Of Your Proposals
Solution: The problem isn’t how well you enforce deadlines.  The problem is how you measure progress.  Find out how more effective measurement and feedback can make a huge difference in the outcome.

Problem: You Need Better Bid/No-Bid Decisions
Solution: Instead of trying to convince people to bid less in order to win more, we focus on defining and having what you need to win an opportunity. Our approach shows clearly when you are ready to bid on an opportunity and when you are unprepared.

Problem: You Can’t Measure Your Progress
Solution: We will show you how to measure your progress against what it will take to win, both before RFP release and during the proposal.

Problem: You Don’t Track the Right Metrics
Solution: Our approach not only measures your progress on a single pursuit, but it can also show your strengths and weaknesses over a series of bids. Use the feedback to make sure you are trending in the right direction.

Problem: It’s Hard to Get Inexperienced and Technical Staff to Write Well
Solution: Our approach to Content Planning makes it much easier for inexperienced authors to fulfill what is expected of them.

Problem: Your Proposals Lack Graphics
Solution: Because our approach starts by defining your message, it is easier to consider how to communicate it visually.  To make sure it happens we provide plenty of guidance on how to identify and specify graphics.

Problem: The Way You Track Leads Doesn’t Ensure That You Hit Your Numbers
Solution: In addition to a single pursuit, our approach lends itself to tracking all of your opportunities.  It can serve as a means for tracking progress towards being able to achieve your business goals.

By Carl Dickson, Founder of

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