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MustWin Coaching Sessions
MustWin Coaching Sessions

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We want to make sure that people are successful with their proposals and business pursuits.  One of the things we’re doing is creating a network of consultants who are familiar with our recommendations and process and are available to help those of you looking for hands-on support.  We’re also developing a set of curriculum that you can use to implement a training program. 

We’ve decided to offer MustWin Coaching Sessions.  Each session will be two-hours long and completely focused on YOU.  You can have as many people as you want from your company participating.  But your company will be the only one participating.  We’ll be able to talk specifics without anyone else listening in.

These sessions are being made exclusively to our Premium Members.  It has to be that way because only Premium Members have access to the MustWin Process Workbook.  We’ll help you implement the process and get the most out of it.

We use teleconference and web based meeting tools to share slides and screens while we talk.  For each session, we have a set of slides from the curriculum we are developing.  We’ll spend part of the time presenting best practices and part of the time focusing on your questions.   The sessions are designed to tackle specific problems that companies face or address the problems of a specific bid.  These are working sessions and not theory sessions.  We’ll solve problems and identify action items.

Here are the topics that you have to chose from:

  • Help identifying your win strategies, themes, and competitive advantage.  We’ll guide you through the things you should consider when identifying win strategies.  We’ll provide inspiration and help you articulate the reasons why the customer should select you.  When we’re done, you’ll not only be able to describe your competitive advantage, but will know how to incorporate your message into your proposal.
  • How to plan the content of your proposal before you start writing.  The biggest secret to a successful proposal is proper planning.  There is nothing worse than completing a draft and having to throw it out and start over — with most of your schedule blown.  We’ll  help you create a solid foundation for your proposal, starting with making sure that the outline is correct.  Then we’ll look at each section, and help you plan the content.  We’ll help you make sure that you consider everything that should go into your proposal.  When we’re done, you’ll have a blueprint that your authors can follow instead of starting from a blank page.
  • How to validate the quality of your proposals.   Are you struggling with ineffective proposal reviews?  Or no reviews at all?  We’ll share our secrets for planning and executing proposal reviews that enable you to measure yourself against what it will take to win.
  • How to make sure you are ready to win before the RFP is released.  Everyone says that to win you have to start before the RFP is released.  But nobody seems to know what you are supposed to do while you are waiting for the RFP.  We’ll share our approach to make sure that you make the most of the critical time and have the answers you need to prepare the winning proposal on the day that the RFP comes out.
  • How to establish and manage a pipeline of opportunity pursuits.  When your small business grows from a handful of opportunities that you can personally track to a whole portfolio of opportunities with multiple people involved you need to establish the right tracking and reporting systems to make sure that the opportunities you track will produce the amount of revenue you need.  We’ll help you understand how to construct a pipeline of opportunities that meet your targets.  We’ll not only cover how to track opportunities, the format of the reports you’ll need, but how to determine how many opportunities of what size you need.  We’ll also cover how to pursue those opportunities and how the pursuit feeds back to the pipeline.  We’ll help you put the right foundation under your business to provide reliable growth.
  • How to reengineer your business development and proposal processes.  Most businesses are stuck with the processes they have.  But if you have one of those rare opportunities to start over and implement the right processes from the ground up, we need to talk.  We can tell you how to institutionalize and customize the MustWin process to meet your particular needs.  It will save you tons of time and we can help you get it right.

How to Initiate a Session

All you need to do is click on the “Add to Cart” button and check out.  We’ll call you within 24 hours and set-up a date/time for the session and to discuss the topic.  We will usually be able to schedule something within a few days, but please don’t wait until the day before you need it.  When we schedule your session, we’ll also ask for some information to help us focus on your particular needs.  These might include a copy of a typical RFP or some data about the opportunities you are tracking.  We'd also like to get a list of questions that you have before the session.  You can, of course, ask other questions on the day of the session. When the day of the session arrives, we’d like to be prepared, well read, and to already understand enough about you to make the session more productive.



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