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509 Questions to Answer in Your Proposal
509 Questions to Answer in Your Proposal

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Can't think of where to start writing?  Try answering some questions...

This document goes through a typical proposal section-by-section and provides questions that a typical customer might have in each area. It provides you with:

  • 23 questions to answer in your Executive Summary
  • 5 pages of questions on 11 topics to address in the Management Plan
  • 9 pages of questions on 17 topics to address in the Technical Approach
  • 10 questions related to your past performance
  • 33 questions on pricing and contractual issues

The 509 questions in this document will help you to:

  • Get inspired and figure out what to write about
  • Make sure that you covered everything
  • Deliver a comprehensive proposal that meets your customers expectations

This guide is good for both proposal beginners and advanced proposal developers. Beginners will use it to get started, and advanced proposal developers will use it for inspiration and as a review tool.

509 Questions to Answer in Your Proposals is one of our personal favorites. It is the kind of document that you can refer back to time and time again. You can use it to get your first proposal completed, and you can continue to use it thereafter to continuously improve your proposals.

Our tutorials are packed with valuable tips, tricks, and lessons learned from years of proposal writing experience. They will help you accomplish specific tasks necessary to win new business and average 20-30 pages in length. The information is available for download immediately after purchasing.  No shipping required!  Hardcopies can also be ordered.

Will your tutorials meet the needs of my business? They will help you figure out how to write the proposal that is right for you and your audience.

What type of proposals are they for? Our tutorials address business proposals that are based on written RFPs as well as those that are not. They are relevant to both the Government and commercial market places.

Will it make writing my proposal easier? Absolutely. Once you know which questions to ask, you have a better shot at finding the answers. Our tutorials will help you deliver a proposal that meets your customers expectations.

Order today and get a FREE copy of 51 Tips for Microsoft Word, with plenty of tips for quickly producing great looking documents. 

If it saves you a half-hour of your time it will have paid for itself. And if it helps you win, it's worth far more!


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  • Purchases may be made online using a credit card, with immediate access upon payment.
  • Please purchase 1 copy for each person who will need a copy, just like you would a book.
  • Each tutorial must be downloaded and is in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (300-400kb).
  • If you decide to upgrade your purchase to a membership within 30 days of purchasing a tutorial, you will receive FULL CREDIT.

How will you benefit from our tutorials?


  • Save money! If they save you a single hour of time they have delivered a positive return on your investment.
  • Make money! If you learn one thing from our tutorials that helps you deliver better proposals, you could win new business worth far more than the cost of the tutorial.
  • Our workbooks and tutorials will even make you better looking! While that's not really true, you will look like you're taking your job seriously if you are trying to study up on it. And you can look like an expert by referring other people to our site to improve their business development skills.
  • Get help now! It only takes a few minutes to order and download your copy.

The bottom line... Our tutorials will save you time and increase your chances of winning. How much is a better proposal worth to your business? Most people writing their first proposal can't afford to spend over $100/hr on a consultant. For a small fraction of that you can get the equivalent of several hours worth of consulting expertise. 


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