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Discount Package

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Our Discount Package saves you more than 50%

Our Discount Package provides immediately online access to our documents for a single price that is much lower than purchasing them separately.  It gives you electronic access to a huge library of material that is available just when you need it to complete your proposals. 

Which should I get?

  • Our Discount Package is for those who are on a budget but need information right away.  The Premium MustWin Membership is actually a better value, being loaded with goodies. However, if you are interested in several of the titles in our library and don’t need the online training, process documentation, and other MustWin goodies, then the Discount Package is right for you.
  • A Premium MustWin Membership includes everything from the Discount Package and adds online training and the MustWin Process documentation. This provides an off-the-shelf process that you can quickly implement to guide a team from lead identification through away. It’s an incredible tool and makes a Premium Membership our best value offering.

business development and proposal writing tutorials

Discount Members get electronic access to:
  • How to Write an Executive Summary
  • 509 Questions to Answer in Your Proposals
  • How to Survive Your First Business Proposal
  • How to Write a Management Plan
  • Business Development for Project Managers and Engineers
  • The Proposal Format Guide
  • Business Proposal Sample Makeover --- Before and After
  • Quick and Dirty Guide to Writing a Last Minute Proposal
  • Sample Proposal Introductions
  • The Business Startup Workbook
  • 51 Tips for Microsoft Word

These documents provide you with:

  • A Sample Executive Summary and Template
  • More than 180 items in 20 different topics to consider addressing in your Management Plans
  • The easy to follow approaches from our "Business Development for Project Managers and Engineers"
  • All the tips and tricks found in our 27 page guide to "How to Do Proposals The Wrong Way"
  • Bid/No-Bid Evaluation Form
  • Proposal Scheduling Worksheet
  • Kick-off Preparation Worksheet
  • Draft Kick-off Meeting Agenda
  • RFP Cross-Reference Matrix
  • Proposal Storyboard Layout
  • Clarification/Deficiency Report
  • Proposal Review Form
  • Red Team Review Agenda
  • Author Self-Check Review Form
  • Evaluation Scoring Forms
  • Production Planning Worksheet
  • Proposal Budget Worksheet
  • Resume Data Collection Worksheet
  • Past Performance Data Collection Worksheet
  • Delivery Receipt
  • Lead Qualification & Capture Workbook
  • Proposal Review Workbook


Members also get these benefits:

  • Members get access to a special Article Library, where our huge repository of "how-to" information is fully indexed and can be keyword searched
  • Members get access to our Resource Directory, with links to hundreds of useful tools, software packages, books, bid lists, web sites, and more.
  • Members can mark their favorite articles and resources so that they are displayed on your member's page, as soon as you log in.  This makes referring back to them and using them as tools much easier.
  • Members can generate PDFs of any article, at any time, making it easy to print copies for use on a pursuit.
  • Members can participate in online forums and discuss articles or ask questions about them.  In addition to learning more, this is a chance to interact with other users.
  • Members can view and post job opportunities or announce their availability.
  • Members can recommend web sites for addition to our Resource Directory.  Including your own site!



Consider all the ways you'll benefit from becoming a member: 

  • Win more new business. Our content will help you learn how to find, pursue, and win new business opportunities.
  • Save Time.  Why Reinvent the wheel?  Our tutorials are practical, focused, and task-oriented.  They will help you get the job done faster.  If you are a professional services firm, time literately is money.  A membership to our site will save you countless hours and return many times your investment.
  • Save money. Waste less money pursuing opportunities that are losers. Be more efficient in your qualified pursuits.
  • Improve your skills. You only absorb a limited amount from a class and it only lasts so long. Access to our site provides on-going benefits in a just-in-time format that is available at the moment of need.
  • Improve your win rates.  When you improve your win rate, you directly improve the profitability of your company because the same effort and cost of sales produces more revenue.  A membership to will boost your skills and show you just how to improve you win rate.
  • The bottom line... A subscription will save you time and increase your chances of winning. How much is new business worth?


Why Upgrade To A Professional Membership?

A Professional Membership adds Skill Enhancement Webinars and Online Training to the documents described above. You'll get everything offered with the Discount Membership plus:

  • Instructor-Led Online Training. Each month we have a Skills Enhancement webinar on a different topic.  These give you a chance to talk to others and get advice, without paying a consultant's hourly rate.  This one feature alone makes it worth the price.  With our Skill Enhancement webinars, you can participate in exercises and get feedback on your work.  Combined with our online training and tutorials and you get much of the benefits of a live instructor, for far less than the cost.  Purchased separately, participating in our teleconferences and webinars would cost $600.  Professional Members can attend them all for no extra charge.
  • Recorded Online Training.  We have taken a the slides from a few of the presentations and live training sessions we have done and converted them to play over the web.  Discount Members can access the documents.  But Professional Members get a far more robust learning experience.

Even though a Professional Membership costs more, it's actually a better value!

Click here to find out about a Professional Membership.


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