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Extra Copies of the MustWin Process Workbook (Hardcopy)
Extra Copies of the MustWin Process Workbook (Hardcopy)

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We love to experiment with different ways to add value to our products and better help our customers.  So from now until the end of the year, you can order extra copies of the MustWin Process without each person having to become a member. When we created it, the idea was that everyone on a proposal team would have a copy so that everyone would be on the same page regarding expectations.  The goal of our experiment is to eliminate one more barrer to make it even easier for you to bring the improvements to your whole team.

If you are working on a proposal with 6 other people, you can now put a copy into each person’s hands for $750. That’s a lot less than the $3000 it would cost to make them all members. And the books will all be in top quality binders, printed in color, with custom tabs, and all the trimmings ready to be put to work.

To take advantage of this offer, simply add the quantity you need to your cart and check out.


PS: Extra copies of the MustWin Process are also a great gift idea if you need to get a present for your staff and want something that is business related but will also help them develop themselves professionally...


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