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How to Survive Your First Business Proposal
How to Survive Your First Business Proposal

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Writing your first business proposal doesn't have to be intimidating

It's amazing how much stress can come from a blank sheet of paper and a deadline. This guide will make your proposal easy instead of an ordeal by explaining proposal development, providing advice on proposal writing, helping you to determine what should go into your proposal, and providing guidance on formatting and production. This tutorial:

  • Describes different types of proposals
  • Identifies the parts of a typical proposal
  • Explains the proposal development lifecycle
  • Introduces proposal planning so that you can be prepared to win
  • Provides several techniques for how to approach writing the proposal

Did you know that there are many, many different kinds of proposals?  If you follow the wrong advice, it could jeopardize your proposal.  This guide explains the different kinds of proposals and gives you the orientation you need to make the right decisions.


Get the guidance we wished we had when we were writing our first proposal

While proposals are critical to the sucess of a business, they don't teach about them in school.  Most people learn on the job.  Needless to say, the first proposals you write this way are not going to be your best.  

How much is a better proposal worth to your business?

Our tutorials will save you time and increase your chances of winning.  Most people can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars per hour on a consultant. For a small fraction of that you can get the equivalent of several hours worth of consulting expertise. 

Seriously, the cost of this document is the equivilent of what a Senior Proposal Manager would bill for 5 minutes of his or her time.  However, if you are getting started, you'll get more about of reading it then you would get out of talking to a consulting for 5 minutes.


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It only takes a few minutes to order and download your copy

Our tutorials are packed with valuable tips, tricks, and lessons learned from years of proposal writing experience. They will help you accomplish specific tasks necessary to win new business and average 20-30 pages in length. The information is available for download immediately after purchasing.  No shipping required!  Hardcopies can also be ordered.

Will your tutorials meet the needs of my business? They are written primary for services businesses, contractors, and those with complex sales. 

What type of proposals are they for? Our tutorials address business proposals that are based on written RFPs as well as those that are not. They are relevant to both the Government and commercial market places.

Will it make writing my proposal easier? Absolutely. Once you know which questions to ask, you have a better shot at finding the answers. Our tutorials will help you deliver a proposal that meets your customers expectations.

Order today and get a FREE copy of 51 Tips for Microsoft Word, with plenty of tips for quickly producing great looking documents. 


If it saves you a half-hour of your time it will have paid for itself. And if it helps you win, it's worth far more!

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  • Purchases may be made online using a credit card, with immediate access upon payment.
  • Please purchase 1 copy for each person who will need a copy, just like you would a book.
  • Each tutorial must be downloaded and is in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (300-400kb).
  • If you decide to upgrade your purchase to a membership within 30 days of purchasing a tutorial, you will receive FULL CREDIT.


We guarantee that with this tutorial, you will survive your proposal experience   

How to Survive Your First Business Proposal will help you understand your goals and how to achieve them in the proposal. It discusses audience analysis, how to meet your customer's expectations, and how to give the proposal evaluators what they want. It also includes lots of useful tips for people who are not used to writing. It is aimed at someone who is new to proposal development and wants to learn how to get started. If you are looking for detailed guidance on proposal formatting, samples, or proess you should also want to consider our other titles.


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