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Training Course List for 2010
Training Course List for 2010 Here is the list of courses that we have tentatively selected to offer in 2010.

Our next step will be to finalize the titles and pin dates on them. If you didn’t respond to the survey link published in our last newsletter, this may be your last chance to influence what we offer before we commit to the final list.

These new courses take into account the feedback we received from the courses we offered in 2009. The schedules will be extremely flexible so that you can more easily fit them into your busy schedules. Each of the following courses will be offered online in 4 sessions.

Each course will be approximately 8 hours in length. The skills development courses will be fully interactive, with exercises so you can try what you've learned. The process oriented courses will provide opportunities for fully interactive Q&A so that you can make sure you understand how to apply what you learned in your particular environment. We're also going to record some of the presentations in advance so that you can watch them at any time and then dial in for scheduled Q&A discussions.

How We're Both Profiting From Our Mistake

Last year we made a mistake. We offered a course for $1250 and found that our members were signing up for free. Rather than fix the bug, we decided to roll with it. It was a risk, but it worked out well — So well, that we're going to continue the mistake. In fact, we're not even going to bother trying to sell the courses. We'll just add them to the benefits of being a member.

You will not be able to pay for these courses and take them.

The only people who will be able to take them are the Premium Members of our site. The entire course list will be free to our Premium Members.

Go back and read that last sentence again. This is an unprecedented value. If you've taken our proposal writing training, then you know we hate unsubstantiated claims. We're talking about 8 hours of training per month for 12 months. If you are only able to make one of them it's a good value. If you are able to make 3, 4, or 10 it's an incredible value. The price is probably too low. But that's how we roll.  Tell your friends.

If you are not already a Premium Member, then you should sign up now so that you will eligible to take the first course in January. If you are, then just wait until we publish the registration link.  If the course you want most comes later, then become a member now and you'll have all the other benefits of being a Premium Member until then.

Course List:

  • Preparing for RFP Release (January) How to Win Before the RFP is Released (or at least be prepared for it). We'll walk you through how to implement Readiness Reviews that are designed to give you a competitive advantage and ensure that you are ready when the RFP hits the street.
  • Customer Contacts (February) How to Have Successful Customer Contacts. Who should you talk to? What should you say? And how do you turn it into a plan?
  • Proposal Startups (March) How to Start Your Proposal Efforts Quickly and Effectively. What does it take to get a proposal off the ground successfully? How do you accelerate your planning without shortchanging it?
  • Proposal Outlines and the Compliance Matrix (April) How to Create Proposal Outlines Using a Compliance Matrix. What should go into your proposal outline? How do you ensure compliance? How do you use a compliance matrix while writing the proposal?
  • Proposal Content Planning (May) How to Plan What Should Go Into Your Proposals. We'll show you our iterative methodology for Proposal Content Planning that ensures you account for everything that needs to go into your proposals.
  • Lead Tracking and Pipeline Development (June) How to Manage Your Leads Using a Pipeline. How do you define a pipeline to ensure that you have enough leads to hit your revenue targets? How do you track your leads and set your targets?
  • Finding Business Opportunities (July) How to Find Government Bidding Opportunities. Where should you look for leads for working with the U.S. Government? How do you identify opportunities before the RFP is released?
  • Proposal Management (August) How to Implement and Manage the Proposal Process. How to plan, execute, manage, and validate the quality of a proposal.
  • Proposal Writing – Basic (September) With a few basic techniques, formulas, and methods, we'll show you how to radically transform the quality of your proposal writing.
  • Proposal Writing – Advanced (October) We'll show you how to go from good proposal writing to great proposal writing.
  • Proposal Quality Validation (November) How to implement a review process that validates the quality of your proposals. We'll discuss what to validate as well as how to perform the validation.
  • Metrics and Measurements. (December) While there are "best practices," there is no magic formula — what impacts your win rate is different for every company, market, and industry. We'll cover both pre-RFP and post-RFP metrics and measurements that can unlock the hidden factors that are driving or holding back your win rates. This is the real "secret" behind a continuously improving win rate that maximizes the revenue generated from the bids you submit.

We will limit on the number of participants in sessions that require interactivity and participation will be on a first come, first served basis.  But if a course is popular enough, we'll add additional presentations. 

Most sessions will be offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 11:30am and 3:00pm, EST (UTC-5).  If we get enough requests, we'll offer sessions at times that are more convenient for our members in places like Great Britain, India, Hong Kong, and Australia.  If you would like to see a course offered at a particular time, please let us know.

If you want us to email you when we have the dates nailed down for a particular session, you can email us at Otherwise, just keep reading the newsletter, because as we assign dates, we'll announce them there.


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