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New Resume Software Is Optimized For Doing Proposals

Someone has finally come up with an intelligent way to manage the use of resumes in proposals. Getting resumes ready for use in a proposal is time consuming and repetitive. Not many people know how to do it right and fewer still have the attention span to stick with it. There aren’t many tools that can help. Nearly all of the resume tools we've seen are designed for the needs of the recruiting process, and usually do little or nothing to help gather, edit, and format resumes to meet the needs on a proposal. I’ve never found any that I’ve liked and have always resorted to keeping resumes in Word files and using keyword search tricks to manage them.

We’ve written about a proposal software package called Privia before. One of the benefits that SpringCM has brought to Privia is access to their portfolio of document management solutions. They have used that to create a resume management solution that works for proposals. It is designed to ensure that:

  • Business development and proposal managers have access to current information on employees and candidates so they can be precisely matched to opportunities
  • Resumes are current
  • Proposal and task order specific versions can be developed and included in the bid with minimal overhead.
I can’t wait to get my hands on it! It was designed to help with these challenges:

Challenge How SpringCM addresses the challenge
Inconsistent resume formats due to diversity in forms and types Ability to automatically extract information and store in standard formats for later repurposing without manual customization
Silos of information within various business units and diverse storage mechanisms that limit visibility Centralized repository offering cross-organization visibility into skills availability helping maximize resource utilization
Inability to find the right candidates due to sub-optimal search capabilities Precise identification of candidates through powerful search mechanisms saving time and helping ensure confident bids
Inability or difficultly getting resumes updated and keeping them current Streamlined, flexible e-forms based approach to enable easy updates by employees and ensure resume currency
Difficulty finding information in response to audits, leading to time consuming review procedures Precise reports and access to employee information to enable easy audits and ensure compliance
Time consuming and cumbersome process to develop proposal or task order specific versions of resumes Template based approach with automatic data merge capabilities reducing customization times and eliminating errors
Practice of repetitive information gathering, frustrating employees and reducing quality of input or missing deadlines Knowledge management capabilities that enable maintenance and identification of various versions of resumes further reducing customization efforts and enabling reuse

The features list is pretty long and looks like it contains all the stuff you would normally expect. But there are some twists we see that are new. Here are the Top 10 features that we’re drooling over:

  1. Manual and automatic resume categorization enables powerful search query criteria such as security clearance, geography, department, skill set, years of experience and more
  2. Automatic storage of resumes in designated folders under a custom taxonomy
  3. Easy forms-based approach allows conversion to standard resume formats
  4. Create customized proposal or task order specific resumes versions
  5. Create customized proposal- or task order specific resumes that can be visible for search and re-use across the organization
  6. Ability to create customized proposal or task order specific templates
  7. Easy and automatic update procedures to keep resumes current 
  8. Automatic escalation procedures to ensure that updates happen
  9. Optional review and approval of resume updates ensure consistency across the organization
  10. Role-based robust security model ensures need-to-know access and prevents unauthorized access to resumes
While our first reaction was to look at it from a production point of view, the real benefits to having a resume platform like this are more strategic:
  • You can make better bid decisions when you know whether you have the staff to bid an opportunity. Avoid all those proposal disasters caused by committing to a proposal and then not being able to supply the resumes.
  • Actually start your proposals with resumes that are up-to-date and focus on improving them instead of getting them current.
  • Instead of being satisfied with marginally compliant resumes, you can reinvest some of the hundreds of hours you can potentially save on resume management, apply them to optimizing the quality of your resumes, and win more proposals as a result.
  • Import resumes from subs and recruiting efforts in many different sources and formats
  • Reduce audit risks through periodic updates and submission of accurate information
We haven’t had a chance yet to really put it through its paces. Until we do and publish a review, you can get more information from the folks at SpringCM who developed it.

By Carl Dickson, Founder of

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