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Customized Capture Training
Part training and part process customization.  Not only do you get to learn our process for ensuring you are ready at RFP release to capture your lead, but we also show you how to customize that process for your particular company's needs.  The result is a fully customized process and people who know how to implement it.

This training revolves around the Readiness Reviews in the MustWin Process.  It focuses on identifying and answering critical questions during the pursuit of a lead so that you have a competitive advantage and are ready to win at RFP release. 

You can use our training to:

  • Formalize and document your business development process
  • Establish metrics that uncover the hidden factors that are lowering or boosting your win rates
  • Take the mystery out of sales and turn it into a measurable science
  • Manage the transition from business development to proposal writing
  • Ensure the proposal department gets what they need at the beginning

While our intended audience is those responsible for business development, our training also benefits project managers who have business development responsibilities and proposal departments who struggle to get the information needed to write the winning proposal.

Details, details 

We conduct this training in 3 sessions:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Readiness Reviews
  • Session 2: Tailoring the process to your particular needs
  • Session 3: Presentation of the customized process and planning its implementation

Sessions are conducted remotely (if you want to cover the costs, we'll gladly come to your site).

Up to 10 people can participate in each session.

Price: $2500

Your company will be the only one participating, so we can talk about your business without worrying about competitors listening in.

You will get a license to distribute the files to up to 10 people.  That's only $250 per person for training and access to a process that normally costs $495 per person.

Topics covered

How do you get started ahead of RFP release?  How do you achieve a competitive advantage before you even bid?  Once a lead is identified, what intelligence do you need to collect and what do you need to do?  What kind of review process do you need to ensure that it happens?  What metrics should you track and how do you discover what actions correlate the most with your win rate?

How to mitigate your risks

Purchase a Premium Membership to our site.  The price is just $495.  It contains a full description of the readiness review process.  You'll be able to study it intimately and when you are ready for training and customization, we'll credit you back what you paid for the membership toward the price of the training.

Purchasing and Scheduling

We schedule the training to our mutual convenience.  The lead time is usually two weeks, sometimes less.  We prefer to use a credit card for payment, but other arrangements can be made.  It starts with a phone call to 800-848-1563 so we can answer any questions you have, schedule the dates, and process the payment.


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