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Case Study; Quickly Responding to Task Orders Using Privia

Inefficient processes made it difficult for DSA to manage the information and collaboration required for successful bids. Information needed for proposals regarding cost, technology, management, and past performance, as well as opportunity details and the files of each contributing team member were all stored in different locations. Because they did not have an efficient platform for collaboration, team members were forced to complete some proposals without the help of operations, business development, and contracting personnel — making it impossible to fully leverage DSA’s resources and expertise.

DSA supports the Department of Defense (DoD), including the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and the US Army, among other Federal agencies. DSA was awarded a contract under ENCORE II, a task order vehicle which encompasses IT requirements for the military services and DoD. “Task Order response turnaround on ENCORE II is usually a two-week process, during which time we have to decide on whether to bid, assemble the information we need, farm it out to the appropriate personnel to develop the proposal, then get it back to the Government,” explains James Gatewood, Director of Business Development for DSA. To capitalize on these opportunities DSA needed to become more efficient and greatly accelerate its proposal process.

DSA selected Privia by SpringCM because it did not require extensive in-house development or maintenance and would keep costs down while providing a complete business capture and proposal management solution. Says Gatewood, “Given the size of the ENCORE II program and others we pursue under, we needed to help everyone involved in the process — including our trading partners — share information and collaborate more effectively.” Privia provides DSA with a complete, easily customizable document management and workflow solution that is tailored for capture and proposal management, providing access to centralized proposal information and documents via dedicated opportunity workspaces. Its compatibility with Microsoft Office helps simplify adoption and use.

For the ENCORE II contract, DSA uses Privia as a single platform to:

  • Register opportunities
  • Notify DSA and teaming partners of task order requests
  • Register interest in task order requests
  • Collaborate on proposals and task order responses
  • Store proposals and receipts

Privia made a significant impact on DSA’s business, with a 25% improvement in efficiency. In its first five months of use, DSA used Privia on more than 80 task orders. In the coming year, this will grow to 2-300 task orders. Along the way, Privia has helped DSA reduce its proposal development costs by reducing the need for software development, employee travel, and desktop storage. The transition to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provided additional savings by reducing administration, maintenance, and on-premises data storage.

When the company lost power for two days during a recent hurricane, DSA also found that Privia enhanced their disaster recovery capability. “If we had an on-premises system, we wouldn’t have been able to complete or submit a successful proposal, but with Privia, we were able to continue our work remotely and meet both our deadline and our standards for proposal quality,” says Gatewood.

DSA’s success with Privia has led to growth in its use, with personnel from its executive team, operations, contracting, and teaming partners now added as users. Says Gatewood, “We’ve been able to get every member of our proposal development process working together quickly and accurately. Privia helps us ensure complete compliance with requirements and build on past success by making information about past performance readily accessible. Engineers, contract personnel, and other contributors can easily see what we’ve done before to solve particular problems and then focus on tailoring it to what’s needed for the current customer.”

“Privia has become an integral part of our proposal development process,” says Director of Business Development Rich Lorenz. “It enables us to manage proposal requirements and the documents we create in response, and to easily incorporate the contributions of subject matter experts throughout our organization and our trading partners.”

By Carl Dickson, Founder of

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