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Real World Training is now scheduling appointments for instructor-led training.

What Makes Our Training Special

  • Our curriculum is broken down into dozens of 20-30 minute units with lesson plans, exercises, handouts, and slides for each.  This enables us to assemble topics that meet your specific needs, and adapt the length to your schedule and budget. 
  • Our curriculum matches the MustWin Process.  It is the only training available for the best process for capturing RFP-based business opportunities.
  • It is specifically designed to be deliverable as part of executing a proposal.  It enables training to be embedded into the process and delivered at the moment of need.
  • It ensures that people have the knowledge and skills they need to execute their assignments.
  • It can be used to improve the odds of success for a proposal, part of an overall knowledge and skills enhancement effort, or as part of a process implementation program.

The good news is that our training gives you more options than you've ever had before for improving business development and proposal performance.  The bad news is we give you so many options that we need to talk you through them.

What Really Makes Our Approach Unique

It may not be so hard to find a class that you can take, but try to find training that is part of a fully integrated solution the way ours is.  The way we combine training with process, performance, and quality assurance when combined with our remote, online, and in-person delivery, and our consultant partner network to provide supplemental resources gives us everything we need to offer solutions instead of features.  We go well beyond training just for training's sake and offer training as part of a solution to increasing your businesses ability to capture the business leads that you pursue. Brings Distributed Learning to Remote Staff

We have online resources for staff who can't travel to get to training.  We can also conduct our training remotely to make it more economically to provide instructor-led training where it is needed.  Our capabilites go well beyond simply teleconferencing and include video, screen sharing, and collaborative technologies that can make remote training an effective approach.


We offer 1, 2, and 3 day courses in proposal writing and proposal management.  Training is delivered at your site.  We charge a base fee plus a per-student materials fee.  You are encouraged to include as many students as you would like, since this will lower the per-student average.

About Our Instructors

Our instructors are established consultants from our Partners Network.  They are all people who have not only proven their skills in the field, but people we have seen at speaking engagements.  Most have at least 12 years of experience. All have gone through our train-the-trainer program and demonstrated their knowledge of our process and recommendations.  They are people who have proven they can be trusted to represent us.


What is the next step?

Give us a call at 800-848-1563 and tells us about your training-related goals.

Some of our curriculum units

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