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By sponsoring the newsletter you can get in front of highly qualified B2B professionals. is an ecommerce site selling training materials for business and proposal development. Our site generated 7.4 million page views with 1.8 million visitors in the last 12 months. You can verify our high level of traffic at Alexa (an company). Compare us to:,,,,,, (we got them all beat)

Our visitors are business developers, vice presidents, directors, business unit managers, capture managers, proposal managers, marketing specialists, project managers, consultants, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Our monthly newsletter goes out to 65,000 opt-in subscribers. Our data base contains people at 93 of the Fortune 100 companies

B2B product and services companies such as accounting firms, auditors, asset managers, business insurance providers, human resource service providers, finance providers, market research providers, and merchant service providers could benefit from sponsoring our site and getting in front of our audience.

Sponsorship packages. There are several options available to sponsors. They range from a simple message or link in our newsletter to the publishing of articles in the newsletter, to combined newsletter and site visibility. A low end sponsorship package might run $500/year. An article in each monthly newsletter and a sponsorship message on our site might run $10,000/year (or even more if exclusivity is desired). We configure the package to match your goals and budget. Newsletter articles drive much more traffic than do simple links, but they also require a lot more effort. Our website gets far more eyeballs and a wider audience than our newsletter, but not necessarily as much attention or focused demographics. To inquire about sponsoring our website, send an email to and tell us a little about what you have in mind.

Services in kind. Graphic artists, layout designers, ColdFusion programmers, or anyone else who think you can do something for us in lieu of paying for a sponsorship --- send us something impressive. A URL, a screen shot, an email, whatever. If we end up doing something together, we’ll gladly plug you in our newsletter. The one-liner in our newsletter for our editor, Michael Larocca, nets him a couple hundred visitors each year. That’s a couple hundred people looking for an editor. The featured articles we post for our sponsor SpringCM attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Consultants. If you are a consultant, you may be better served by our Partners Program.



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