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By sponsoring the newsletter you get a steady stream of highly qualified applicants to fill your open positions. is an ecommerce site selling training materials for business and proposal development. Our site generated 7.4 million page views with 1.8 million visitors in the last 12 months. You can verify our high level of traffic at Alexa (an company). Compare us to:,,,,,, and (we've got them all beat).

Our visitors are business developers, vice presidents, directors, business unit managers, capture managers, proposal managers, marketing specialists, project managers, consultants, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Our monthly newsletter goes out to over 65,000 opt-in subscribers. Our database contains people at 93 of the Fortune 100 companies and includes hundreds of addresses at companies like Boeing, L-3 Communications, Northrop Grumman, CACI, CSC, EDS, General Dynamics, IBM, BearingPoint, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Harris, Halliburton, SI International, STG, and many, many more. Companies include Federal contractors, state/local contractors, commercial firms, and international firms in every industry (IT, health care, energy, etc.).

Program Details. will include in our monthly newsletter up to 10 or 20 (depending on sponsorship level) links describing your open positions. The links should be to the page on your site where interested candidates can find more information and submit an application. You may change the links each month. The table below shows the cost and minimum guaranteed number of clicks that will result from the links.

Number of Positions 6 Month Cost Number of Clicks 12 Month Cost Number of Clicks
10 $4,500 600 $6,000 1,200
20 $7,500 1,200 $10,000 2,400

Calculating ROI:

How many qualified candidates who visit your site submit applications?

If you don’t know, we suggest 10%. This is close to the conversion ratio we see when we ask people to visit a page and complete a form or take an action.
On average, how many applications does it take to fill a position at your company?
If you don’t know, we suggest 30. Give me an open business development or proposal position and 30 resumes from our user base and I’d be confident of filling the position.
Take the percent of applicants and divide it by the number it takes to fill a position. Divide the sponsorship cost by this number to produce the cost per filled position.

Example: 10% of 2400 clicks is 240 applicants. Divide by 30 and get 8 positions filled. $10,000 divided by 8 is $1,250. This is much lower than the referral bonuses most companies pay when employees make referrals that fill open positions.

How to Sponsor Our Site: To sponsor, contact and we'll get the process started.  We will accept only one Recruiting Sponsor at a time so act quickly. If the spot is taken we will put you on the waiting list. If you would like to know about other ways to sponsor our site in addition to our recruiting program, please click here.

By Carl Dickson, Founder of

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