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Problems Solved
The MustWin Process solves problems that occur again and again in proposal development.

It provides you with a solution to all these recurring problems:
  1. How do you ensure readiness at RFP release?  It provides specific goals and the means to measure progress towards achieving them.
  2. How do you smooth the transition from business development into proposal writing? It ensures that information collected during the pre-RFP phase is staged, formatted, and prepared for use in winning the proposal.
  3. How do you overcome the limitations of storyboards? It provides better ways to plan your content.
  4. How do you know whether your proposal plans are sound? It tell you how to validate your plans before you start creating the proposal.
  5. How do you use the same process for both large bids and small bids? It scales.  Each proposal may implement things a little differently, but the process stays the same.  In fact, the process guides you through the decision making.
  6. How do you know if you have enough resources assigned to the proposal? The process tells you what you'll need resources for and guides you through determining which resources you need.
  7. How do you get everyone on the same page?  When everyone has the same process workbook in their laps, everyone knows what to expect.
  8. How do you define and measure proposal quality? The process doesn't just promise quality.  The MustWin Process tells you how to measure it.
  9. How do you measure proposal progress? Instead of simply crossing items off the outline or counting the days until your deadline, the MustWin Process gives you a better way to measure progress.
  10. How do you get good results out of inexperienced writers? Instead of simply handing them the RFP, when you give them a copy of the MustWin Process, writers get an explanation for how to convert your plans into a written proposal that will sail through the review process.
  11. How do you decide what should go in your proposal?  The MustWin Process not only tells you how to identify what should go into your proposal, but how to validate that everything is in it that should be.
  12. How do you achieve reviews that are consistently effective? The MustWin Process provides a methdology for validating and measuring proposal quality that reviewers follow to ensure consistent results.
  13. How do you avoid a train wreck at the end of your proposals? By bringing order to chaos, getting everyone on the same page, structuring the review process, and measuring progress and quality, the MustWin Process finally gives you a fighting chance at eliminating the train wreck most companies experience at the end of their proposal efforts.



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