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Fixed Price Process Facilitation
We can help you ensure you get the process right by participating in key meetings and reviewing process deliverables. Instead of taking over your proposal and racking up billable hours, we offer these services at fixed prices.

The MustWin process defines the milestones and documents we need to review, so everyone knows exactly what to expect. It’s a little insurance to help give you the best possible chances of winning.

We can guide you through the entire MustWin Process, or just a key part. You decide. You are still responsible for creating the proposal and all of its parts. But we’ll help coach you through the process, provide guidance at every step, and help with quality validation.  Options include:

  • RFP Readiness Review Facilitation.  Orientation for the Executive Sponsor, Business Development Manager, Capture Manager, and Proposal Manager; Participation in each of the four Readiness Reviews;  availability to answer questions to help you prepare for each review.  Fixed Price: $5,000.
  • Articulating Your Win Strategies, Themes, and Competitive Advantage. This is a just-in-time session to help you define your win strategies, turn them into themes ready for use in the proposal, and ensure they add up to a competitive advantage. Fixed Price: $2,500.
  • Preparation of Proposal Planning Documentation. As soon as the RFP is released, there are a lot of plans to finalize. These include the Outline, Compliance Matrix, List of Win Strategies, Quality Criteria, Content Plan, Assignments, Schedule, Proposal Quality Validation Plan, and the Production Plan. Includes: Planning sessions with the Proposal Manager to facilitate creating each of these plans. Fixed Price: $8,000.
  • Proposal Plan Review. Participation in the review and validation of the planning documents described above. Fixed Price: $2,500.
  • Proposal Quality Validation  Support. Participation at key milestones in the review and validation of your proposal, according to the Proposal Quality Validation Plan. Fixed Price: $6,000.
  • MustWin Process Coaching.  Facilitation for the entire process, including everything described above.  Includes: Orientations, four Readiness Reviews, assistance with role assignments, participation in the Kickoff Meeting, Preparation of Planning Documents, Proposal Plan Review, Facilitation Session for Proposal Writers, Proposal Quality Validation Support, Orientation for Production Staff, Technical Support, and Progress Reports. Fixed Price: $20,000.

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