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Standardizing on the MustWin Process
The next step beyond having everyone on a team use the MustWin Process to capture a pursuit is to roll it out to your entire business unit or company. 

CEO’s Description:  Instead of taking months to develop and implement a process in-house (and never quite finishing because you do it “in between” proposals), it makes more sense to purchase our off-the-shelf process, customize it to meet your particular needs, and have it implemented in weeks instead of months. 

Details: For companies standardizing on the MustWin Process, we create a custom license that meets your particular needs. It can be a permanent license so there is no annual fee.  We can also set you up so that you can produce your own workbook binders as needed.  Or you can get them from us. Whichever you prefer.

Most companies that try never actually complete a process roll out and their proposals suffer accordingly.  Even if you could, it would still cost less to use ours than to re-invent the wheel in-house.

Through our partner network, we can also refer you to consultants who are familiar with our process and can help you customize, integrate, and implement it.  We can even offer on-site or off-site training for your staff.  Because we also have off-the-shelf training materials that fully support our process documentation, we can also offer training solutions that are less expensive than developing your own in-house curriculum.  When you outsource your process documentation and training to us, your in-house staff can focus exclusively on winning proposals.  Together we make a great team that can totally change the economics of proposal process and training, help you take your proposals to a much higher level, and greatly improve your win rates.

Contacts:  800-848-1563 or

On-site implementation support is also available from our consulting partners, listed in the Service Provider Directory on our website.

By Carl Dickson, Founder of

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