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MustWin Pursuits
The MustWin Process is a set of off-the-shelf documentation that guides your team through the steps necessary to turn a lead into a winning proposal.  It can be ordered today and your team can start using it tomorrow.

The MustWin Process enables you to pursue an opportunity by starting at page one and reading or completing each page.  At every step along the way it provides the forms, checklists, and advice you need. The MustWin Process improves your chances of winning by ensuring that everyone on your team gets:

  • On the same page regarding roles, responsibilities, and expectations
  • Written documentation that everyone can refer to
  • The right information delivered at the right time to execute their roles
  • Review criteria that are based on the same instructions given to authors, which are in turn based on what it will take to win
  • Written standards and processes to follow that expedite the process and prevent people from making it up as they go along
  • Standard ways to measure progress, coordinate activity, and track action items
  • Formal validation of every element of your proposal to make sure it is right

Since the MustWin process starts with lead identification and covers pre-RFP intelligence gathering activities, contact us immediately without waiting for RFP release.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra to put the process in place early — on the contrary, doing so will help you get the most value out of it.

Pricing: The single user price is $495, but each additional copy is only $125. A team of 10 people would only be $1620. The improvements in productivity, time savings, quality, and your chances of winning will easily return far more than the investment.

Contacts:  800-848-1563 or

By Carl Dickson, Founder of

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