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How To Get Credit For Referrals

As an “affiliate” of, you have a special code (a number) that can be added to any URL on our site.  Here is an example of how it can be added to the URL for our site:

Once a visitor come to our web site, the site will remember who referred the visitor, even if they view other pages.  If they make a purchase from our site and came from the special URL, you will be credited. 

Our site is organized into the following major areas:
Our home page (
Most people actually enter our site via other pages
Help Centers
These group the free articles into categories
We have hundreds of articles that people are free to browse
The Store
Where our tutorials, workbooks, and membership product pages are located
The following tables provide various URLs on our site that you can link to.

Unless you are planning to link to a specific item, we recommend linking to the Membership page.  Memberships provide access to all of our documents and pays the best referral fee.
Product Pages
URL Memberships
How to Survive Your First Business Proposal
How to Write an Executive Summary
509 Questions to Answer in Your Proposals
How to Write a Management Plan
Business Development for Project Managers and Engineers
How to Do Proposals The Wrong Way
If you do not want to link directly to a product page, you can link to our Help Centers. We have hundreds of free articles that are organized into over a dozen Help Centers.
Help Center Topic
Proposal Writing!hc_proposal_writing.cfm?aff=99999
How to Write a Business Proposal!hc_how_to_write_a_proposal.cfm?aff=99999
How to Write an Executive Summary!hc_executive_summary.cfm?aff=99999
Proposal Writing for Professional Services!hc_professional_services.cfm?aff=99999
Proposal Management!hc_proposal_management.cfm?aff=99999
Proposal Processes and Procedures!hc_proposal_process.cfm?aff=99999
Proposal Training!hc_proposal_training.cfm?aff=99999
Business Proposal Software!hc_proposal_software.cfm?aff=99999
Business Proposal Tips!hc_proposal_tips.cfm?aff=99999
Oral Proposals and Presentations!hc_oral_proposals.cfm?aff=99999
Marketing and Business Development!hc_business_development.cfm?aff=99999
Sales Letters and Copy Writing!hc_sales_letters.cfm?aff=99999
Government Contracting!hc_government_contracting.cfm?aff=99999
Request for Proposals (RFP)!hc_rfp.cfm?aff=99999
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)!hc_sbir.cfm?aff=99999
Small Business Development and Startup!hc_small_business.cfm?aff=99999
You can also link directly to any article on our site by copying the URL and adding your code to the end.
If you are not sure what to link to, you can always link to our home page:

A Little HTML
If you don’t know HTML well enough to construct your own links, you can paste the following into your web pages:
<a href=””>Learn how to write business proposals</a>

Remember to replace the “99999” with your affiliate code.

Other Ways to Refer People

You can put a link to our site in an email and get credit for the referral.  To do this, send an email containing the URL with your affiliate code.  Most email systems will automatically convert the URL into an active link, without including an HTML.  Please do not SPAM anyone to get them to come to our site.  But if you corresponding with someone and it’s relevant to mention the site, you should get credit for it!
You can also refer people to our site verbally, on the telephone, or in person.  It’s a bit trickier.  You don’t want to have to say “”.  One approach is to refer them to the link on your site.  Another would be to offer to email it to them.  We have attached a one-page brochure for our site.  You can edit the URL in the brochure and give it to them.  Or just give them the URL without the code and send us an email ( saying “I just referred _______” to the site.  We’ll keep an eye out for them and make sure you get the credit.  We want you to get the credit because we want to incentivize you to send more.

By Carl Dickson, Founder of

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