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COPY OF Winning Before the RFP Is Released
Why is it that companies always seem unprepared at RFP release?  They can be chasing their own recompete, and yet once the RFP comes out they seem to start from scratch just like everyone else.

The off-the-shelf process documentation that we publish provides the steps needed to make sure that you are ready to win at RFP release.  It is designed to do a lot more than just get you ready. It forces you to address what it will take to win and take action on it, so that at RFP release you have real competitive advantages and can articulate your win strategies and themes.  It then guides you through how to seamlessly transition from intelligence gathering to proposal writing so that you can close the sale with a win.

In January we're offering a course that shows you exactly how it's supposed to work.  It will cover our Readiness Review process in detail, as well as all of the questions, action items, contingencies, and issues you need to address in order to get ready to win.  We'll also cover how to discover your competitive advantages and uncover what it will take to win.  We'll show you how to start your proposal already knowing what your story is and with your company already positioned as the best choice.

Topics we'll cover:

  • Our list of 9 key goals to accomplish before the RFP is released
  • Guidance for what to do when you get a late start
  • Our 13-point checklist to use if a Draft RFP is issued
  • Our 12-point checklist for participating in a Site Visit
  • Our list of 24 different ways to influence the RFP in your favor
  • Guidance to responding to RFIs/Sources Sought Notices
  • Introduction to Pre-RFP Readiness Reviews
  • How to use the Readiness Review forms
  • 77 questions to answer before the RFP is released to ensure that you are ready to win
  • Our list of 14 ways to tell if the RFP is wired for someone else
  • How to determine whether or not you should bid and when to decide
  • Over 40 factors to consider when making a bid/no-bid decision

You will learn:
  • How to make the best use of the time available before the RFP is released
  • How to measure progress towards being ready to win at RFP release
  • What information you need to gather to be able to address the customer's unwritten questions and key concerns
  • What actions you need to take to get in position to win
  • How to identify your competitive advantages
  • How to discover what it will take to win
  • How to convert what you have learned into win strategies and themes
  • What you need to do to ensure that what you learn makes it into the proposal
  • How to smooth the transition from Business Development to the Proposal

Intended Audience:

  • Everyone involved in prospecting for leads and pre-proposal pursuit, including Business Developers, Capture Managers, Sales, and Executive Sponsors.
  • Proposal Managers who want to be able to coach others so that they start the proposal off having better information to work with.

Details, details:

This will be the most convenient course format we've ever offered.  It blends online and instructor-led units so that you take most of it on your own schedule and then participate in scheduled Q&A sessions where we'll discuss how to apply what you've learned, answer your questions, and make it relevant to your particular environment.  You'll be able to do it all from your own desk.  While the course starts on January 14th, it's up to you when you view the online presentations. 

  • Presentations are recorded so that you can view them at your convenience.
  • Q&A sessions are scheduled for specific dates/times and held online.  They are like webinars, but limited to 15 people and are all about you (or at least your questions).
  • The recorded presentations will be available January 14th and the first Q&A session is scheduled for Thursday January 21st at 2pm (EST).
  • There will be at least two Q&A Sessions.  If they fill up, we'll add more sessions so that everyone is accommodated.


This course is one of the benefits of being a Premium Member of our site.  If you are not a member, you can become one for $495.  It not only comes with training like this offered every month but it also comes with a ton of other benefits.

We used to sell similar training separately and for a lot more then what the membership costs, but since we offered it free to our members, the surge in memberships has convinced us to continue to offer it this way.  So you not only get this course, you get one just like it every month and all the other benefits of being a member.  My wife and a few of our customers tell me I should charge more.  Help me convince them they're wrong...

To register:  
First, become a Premium Member.  Then either register on our site, or send us a request by clicking here and we'll send you the access instructions.


We'll be offering a course like this every month in 2010.  With your Premium Membership, you'll also be able to take them all for an entire year.  The topics will include: 

  • Basic proposal writing
  • Mastering proposal writing
  • Getting the most out of customer contacts
  • Pipeline development
  • Fast and effective proposal startups
  • Understanding the compliance matrix
  • Comprehensive content planning
  • Proposal Quality Validation
  • Using metrics and measurements to unlock what really impacts your win rate

You don't have to take them all, but if you take just a couple it's an incredible value.

Our process, training, and recommendations are extensively proven

Our materials and approaches have been vetted by more than 10,000 paying customers and 65,000 newsletter members.  Our materials are used extensively by Government Contractors, but are also used by every type of company in every industry you can think of.  We have customers in more than 78 countries spanning every time zone.  

We provide skill and knowledge enhancement solutions.  Not just an instructor.  Not just materials. Mostly online, but live and in person when needed.  We deliver the right combination tailored to meet your needs.

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