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MustWin Process Workbook Contents

Our MustWin Process documentation includes:

  • A short 6-page orientation
  • 82 pages covering pre-RFP pursuit and 118 pages covering post-RFP release proposal development
  • Roles and responsibilities for the 9 key roles staff will play
  • 3 pages of guidance to help you determine how many people you will need
  • Our list of 9 key goals to accomplish before the RFP is released
  • Guidance for what to do when you get a late start
  • Our 13-point checklist to use if a Draft RFP is issued
  • Our 12-point checklist for participating in a Site Visit
  • Our list of 24 different ways to influence the RFP in your favor
  • Guidance to responding to RFIs/Sources Sought Notices
  • EXPANDED: 6 pages of guidance regarding bid/no-bid decisions and over 40 factors to consider when deciding
  • REVISED: A 5-page introduction to Pre-RFP Readiness Reviews, plus the forms you need to implement them immediately
  • 77 questions to answer before the RFP is released to ensure that you are ready to win
  • NEW: Our list of 14 ways to tell if the RFP is wired for someone else
  • Our 15-point checklist for what to do when the RFP is released
  • Our 12-point checklist for what to do when the RFP is amended
  • 4 pages of guidance to ensure a successful Kick-Off Meeting, including our 17-point checklist for the Kick-Off Meeting Agenda
  • EXPANDED: 53 pages of guidance to ensure successful proposal planning
  • NEW: Over 10 pages of guidance for developing your win strategies and themes, including 5 places to look to identify them, and 101 sample theme topics for inspiration
  • EXPANDED: 5-page section on creating a Compliance Matrix
  • 20 pages of guidance to ensure that you identify everything that needs to go into your proposal in order to win
  • NEW: How to balance your Content Planning between being comprehensive and the limited time available
  • NEW: Our 12-point checklist to follow before re-using existing proposal content or boilerplate
  • REVISED: Our 17-point checklist to make sure your Content Plan addresses everything it should before you start writing
  • NEW: 58 potential topics for graphics and a list of 56 different types of graphics to help inspire you to communicate visually
  • 5 pages of guidance for tracking progress, managing assignments, and change management
  • 12 pages describing how to conduct your proposal reviews and validate the quality of your proposals
  • How to ensure that your proposal is based on what it will take to win
  • Our sample list of what it will take to win with 23 items identified
  • How to convert your list of what it will take to win into quality criteria and a sample list of 64 criteria to use when validating the quality of your proposals
  • Our 10-point checklist to make sure that your proposal quality validation plan is complete
  • 12 pages full of tips to help proposal writers get the job done
  • Our 10-point checklist that proposal writers can use to assess the quality of their proposal writing
  • 10 pages to help you maintain configuration management and avoid version conflicts
  • Our 25-point checklist to make sure the final document is ready to submit
  • 8 pages covering what happens between the time of submission and award
  • 26 questions to consider asking during a debrief
  • Our 30-point checklist to use when discussing and collecting lessons learned
  • 9 pages describing how to turn the work you are already doing into metrics and measurements, and how to use that to improve your business development efforts and boost your win rate

By Carl Dickson, Founder of

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