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Building The Right Structure and Foundation For Your Proposal

So far this year, we have posted three new online courses that you can take from anywhere. Since these are process courses, the presentations were all recorded. In April, we're offering a skills development course that will revolve around developing a compliance matrix and proposal outline based on a real RFP. Instead of being recorded, it will involve exercises and discussions so you can see how to do it and perfect your skills. Having a solid proposal outline before you start writing is critical, because it can be extremely disruptive to change it later. This course will show you how to get the outline right from the beginning.

We'll do it in four sessions and three homework assignments. We'll use GotoMeeting so that we can participate from anywhere with an Internet connection and all see the same screen. The first part of each session will be a review of the assignments, to provide comparison, contrast, and feedback. The second part will be a discussion of the assignment for the next session.

Some of the topics we'll discuss include:

  • How does the RFP drive the outline?
  • Did you encounter ambiguities, contradictions, or overlap in the RFP? What should you do about them? Did you have to make any judgment calls or interpretations in order to complete your outline?
  • What things should you outline at a high level? What things should you break down into detail?
  • While preparing the outline, did you learn anything about what it will take to win the proposal?
  • What have you learned about what it will take to write this proposal? Do you have enough resources?
  • What requirements might be hiding in the other sections of the RFP?
  • What is the difference between the outline you have, and a real content plan for your proposal?
  • How can you validate your outline? How do you know if it is complete and compliant?

Location: You can participate in the sessions from anywhere, using a telephone and an Internet connection.

Schedule: The sessions are scheduled for:

  • Wednesday, April 14, 3:00pm-4:30pm EDT
  • Wednesday, April 21, 3:00pm-4:30pm EDT
  • Wednesday, April 28, 3:00pm-4:30pm EDT
  • Wednesday, May 5, 3:00pm-4:30pm EDT

Maximum number of participants: While we won't be limiting the number who can participate, we will be limiting the number of assignments that we review during the sessions. While everyone will have an opportunity to ask questions, we're going to only select a portion of the assignments submitted for discussion.

Cost:  To participate in this course, you must first become a Premium Member to our site. As a Premium Member, you'll also be able to participate in our other courses as well as this one. If you're already a Premium Member then there's no charge to participate — just log in to the User Settings and Downloads page, click on the Online Training link, and then click on the registration link.

But wait, there's more... The course that follows this one will be titled How to Ensure The Content of Your Proposal is Right Before It's Even Written, and will cover our eight-step approach to proposal content planning. While you don't have to participate in this month's course in order to take next month's course, it will help lay the foundation and the two will reinforce each other. If you join now, you can take both.

Registration: Members should log on to the User Settings and Download page on our site.  Then click on the link for the course in the Premium Content section of the page.  After you fill out the form, GotoMeeting will email the login instructions to you.


 For less than the cost of a one-day instructor-led class, a Premium Membership to our site comes with a new online training course each month, as well as our MustWin Process documentation, and all the other goodies we have on our site 

Price: $495.00

By Carl Dickson, Founder of

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