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The following course presentations have been recorded so that you can view them at your convenience. Weekly office hour sessions have been scheduled to provide a chance to ask questions.

The units below refer to material from the MustWin Process Workbook.  If you have the workbook, you may want to review the Proposal Planning tab.  If you don't have the workbook, that's okay — the units below should be self-explanatory.

Winning Before the RFP is Released

Course Introduction  (9 minutes)
Achieving Your Pre-RFP Goals:  (10 minutes)
Introduction to Readiness Reviews:  20 minutes)
Introduction to the Readiness Review Forms:  (10 minutes)
Readiness Review #1:  (14 minutes)
Readiness Review #2:  (33 minutes)
Readiness Review #3:  (27 minutes)
Readiness Review #4:  (51 minutes)

Customizing the Readiness Review process:  (11 minutes)
Draft RFPs:  (24 minutes)
Preparing for Site Visits:  (12 mintues
Influencing the RFP:  (36 minutes)
Responding to an RFI:  (13 minutes)
IS the RFP Wired for Someone Else?:  (20 minutes)
Waiting for RFP Release:  (7 minutes)
Bid/No Bid Decisions:  (18 minutes)
What it Will Take to Win:  (14 minutes)


Quick and Decisive Proposal Planning

Introduction to Proposal Planning:  (37 minutes)
Planning Proposal Assignments:  (11 minutes)
Proposal Schedules:  (6 minutes)
Proposal Resources:  (9 minutes)
Teaming Planning and Competitive Assessments:  (10 minutes)
Proposal Outline and Compliance Matrix:  (30 minutes)
Introduction to Proposal Content Planning:  (14 minutes)
What To Do When You Don't Have an RFP:  (10 minutes)
Win Strategies and Themes:  (57 minutes)
Preparing For The Kickoff Meeting:  (18 minutes)
Validating Your Proposal Plans:  (18 minutes)
Accelerating Your Proposal Planning:  (18 minutes)


Successful Customer Contacts

Customer Contact Guide:  (PDF)
Introduction to Customer Contacts:  (8 minutes)
Customer Contact Goals:  (10 minutes)
Relationship Marketing:  (33 minutes)
Planning to Make Contact:  (14 minutes)
During a Customer Contact:  (16 minutes)
After a Customer Contact:  (5 minutes)
Introduction to Customer Contact Tools:  (6 minutes)
Customer Contact Tool: Strategic Plan:  (15 minutes)
Customer Contact Tool: List of Contact Targets:  (28 minutes)
Customer Contact Tool: Contact Plan:  (6 minutes)
Customer Contact Tool: List of Questions to Ask:  (16 minutes)
Making Introductions:  (10 minutes)
U.S. Government Contacts:  (13 minutes)
Dealing With Difficult Customers:  (8 minutes)
Planning Contacts by Someone Else:  (6 minutes)
Unplanned Contacts:  (10 minutes)

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