Tutorials and resources for proposal writing and business development has grown into a multi-site network
The Network:
This is our first and original site. We still host several hundred free articles here that you are welcome to browse and put to use. We also have a collection of tutorials that we have sold to over 10,000 customers still located here.

We took the best of what we had published over 10 years, including the MustWin Process, and turned it into a tool that you can use every day called PropLIBRARY. PropLIBRARY is a high-end professional tool and requires a subscription to access.

Virtual VP Services
Both and PropLIBRARY are self-service web sites ecommerce websites. For hands-on we created a separate site so that there wouldn't be any mixed messages or subscriptions required. At Virtual VP Services you can get advice and help from some of the top experts in the industry.

The Discussion Group on LinkedIn
Join 11,000 professionals who find inspiration by discussing the kinds of things we write about in our group on LinkedIn. Special interest subgroups are available for grants, freelance consulting, sales, and government contracting.
Winning in Writing
We publish a weekly newsletter that goes out to 65,000 opt-in subscribers free of charge. Each issue contains new articles that describe the theories and foundations of our approaches. It's also a great way to stay informed about what we're up to. You can subscribe at or PropLIBRARY. on Twitter
Our meager attempts to be inspirational, insightful, and thought provoking.

Our Story

For 10 years we were just Then the members only portion of our site outgrew our original webserver. So we spun it off to its own site and it became PropLIBRARY.

On PropLIBRARY we started offering Corporate Subscriptions in addition to the single user subscriptions we had offered for 10 years. Many of our Corporate Subscribers sought our help implementing the MustWin Process, providing training, and performing quality assurance. So we built a platform for managing these engagements. Then we decided to spin it off to its own site. It became Virtual VP Services.

Along the way, we found that we had a lot of subscribers to our newsletter who didn't need the power and sophistication of PropLIBRARY, but still needed some guidance. So we have another site in development. But we can't tell you more because it's not ready to launch quite yet.

Collectively, these are the sites of the Network.

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