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In proposal writing, the only opinion that matters is that of your customer. If you want to know what to include in your proposal or how to best write or format it, you need to look the proposal from the customer's point of view. Proposal writing should answer the customer's questions, explain the benefits of your approach, and articulate the reasons why the customer should select your proposal. If you want to perfect your proposal writing, you need to first perfect your understanding of your customer. It's not about what you want to say or how well you can describe yourself — it's about what the customer needs to know in order to select the winning proposal. Only after you master writing from the customer's perspective can you write a proposal that is the most effective. The following articles provide more proposal writing advice...

8 Things You Can Do To Transform Mediocre Proposal Writing Into Great Proposal Writing Here are 8 simple things a non-writer can do to dramatically improve their proposal writing. Use this list to transform your writing into a compelling and persuasive proposal and significantly improve your chances of winning.

Two Simple Steps That Will Greatly Improve Your Proposal Writing Most proposals are not written from the customer's point of view. The two simple steps in this article will show you how to break that habit and enable you to write your proposal from the customer's perspective.

When Does Proposal Writing Become a Competitive Advantage? The conventional wisdom is that "when everything else is equal," proposal writing can make a difference. But proposal writing can be much more important. Effective proposal writing can be a competitive advantage.

Proposal Writing vs. Proposal Management When someone asks for help preparing a proposal, they often ask for the wrong things or they assume that they just need one person who knows "how to do it." What they don't realize is that proposal writing and proposal management are two very different skill sets.

Do You Know as Much About Proposal Writing as You Think You Do? Just because a person has had training does not mean they have the skill to write excellent proposal copy. How would you answer the questions in this article?

Getting Your Proposal in Writing It's not a proposal until it's written. Even proposal teams with excellent preparation often fail at proposal writing. What is it about putting black ink on paper that can strike terror in the hearts of otherwise competent people? Read this article to find out just how simple proposal writing can be.

How to Edit Your Own Proposal Writing Writers around the world agree... it's nearly impossible to edit your own writing.

How to Avoid Commitment in Proposal Writing A good proposal answers the customer’s questions. A proposal done The Wrong Way sometimes has to avoid them.

The subtle art of educating the evaluator and ghosting the competition The evaluator needs to learn how you stack up against the evaluation criteria, so teach them.

Mistakes Proposal Writers Make Again, and Again, and Again... When I review proposals, I often find myself making the same recommendations and corrections that I have made for other proposals. These mistakes appear in all proposals, including those by the largest, most successful firms.

5 Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Proposal Writing Using Audience Analysis Some people are just not cut out to be proposal writers. Normal approaches aren’t going to help you with these people. They don’t need training, they need practice. Which of course, with a proposal due, you don’t have the time for. The only thing you can do is give them a cheat sheet. Here are give things to put on it.

How to Fake Your Proposal Writing When you haven’t done your homework and don’t have the knowledge you need to write a good proposal, sometimes you just have to fake it. Here are some strategies to help.

38 Words and Phrases to Avoid in Your Proposals Here is a list of words and phrases that you should not use in your proposals and the reasons why. We see them all the time. How many of these are in your proposals?

Features and Benefits: Which is Which, and Why Do I Need to Know the Difference? How do you guarantee that your ads, sales letters, proposal writing, web copy and other marketing materials are as hard-hitting as possible?

It's Not What You Say But How You Say It How often have we all heard that statement? However, especially in customer service, it is very true. I see evidence of this everyday.

Questions to answer in your technical approach One-hundred and eleven questions to answer in your technical approach

What Makes a Quality Management Plan Add some on-the-job training, a few years experience, and the other ingredients in this article and you too can write a quality management plan.

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