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Most people learn how to prepare proposals on the job, without ever taking any proposal training. We think of this as learning by losing. Instead of paying for proposal training, you pay in lower quality proposals until your staff is up to speed. Proposal training is available, especially for government contractors. But only the chosen few will ever get to go, due to the expense. Boosting the skills of your staff requires a combination of internal and external resources and techniques such as instructor-led and distance learning. Here are some articles to help you effectively design a proposal training program.

The Performance Improvement Model When it comes to proposal training, we don't like the approach of trying to fill seats just to deliver generic content. When most people think of training, they think of classroom instruction, but that is just one component of effective training. We also think that traditional ways of working with consultants produce mixed results. So we have developed a model for the components of an effective program for improving business development performance. Here is an approach that you can customize and make your own.

When is a proposal training program not a training program? Businesses tend to focus on performance more than on training. You can integrate training into your processes to help improve performance, without even calling it training.

6 Ways to Break The Rules Investments in things like training, process development, and software or the use of consultants are much more difficult to get approved in an economic downturn, no matter how important they might be to growing your business. But you don't have to go without if you're willing to break the "rules" and think outside of the box.

How much should you invest in your training program? Most companies approach their training budget by determining what is the acceptable amount of overhead for the organization and then subtracting everything they can't do without, such as salaries, offices, equipment, supplies, etc. Whatever is left (assuming it's not a negative number) is available for every possible need (including training) to compete for. This is no way to fund a strategic program aimed at growing the business.

Enhancing Your Win Rates Over Time Implementing a new “process” and putting pressure on staff to “win more” usually doesn't work. Trying to do everything at once often introduces more chaos than success. Here is an approach that makes improving your win rates easier and more reliable.

Proposal instruction packages Even companies with established proposal processes have to get the word out for participants to be able follow them. Here are some tips.

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