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Creating and Using a
Proposal Compliance Matrix

A proposal copmliance matrix is the secret to untangling the requirements hidden in a complex RFP. Creating a compliance matrix is the first step in creating a proposal outline. When an RFP has lots of requirements in multiple sections, a compliance matrix can help you make sure that you don't leave any of the requirements out of your proposal.

Using A Compliance Matrix To Create An RFP Compliant Proposal Outline Your outline is not complete until it accommodates all of the requirements and other topics you need to address in your proposal. Find out how a compliance matrix can help you create an outline that is RFP compliant.

Planning To Win By Going Beyond RFP Compliance Responding to the RFP is only part of what needs to go into a winning proposal. Here is a list of 10 things you should incorporate into your proposal plans to ensure that you are more than merely compliant with the RFP.

Before and After: Creating a Better Proposal Outline There are a lot of bad examples of proposal outlines out there on the Internet. And many of them come from textbooks! This article describes how to organize your proposal based on what it will take to win, instead of what it says in the textbooks.

How Long Should Your Proposal Be? The best practices for proposals say you should make your proposal as short as you can while still answering all of the customer's questions. The best practices are wrong. Find out why and what you should do about it...

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